Recruit a new member and receive a $50 Universal Gift Card


Join the hundreds of members who are already being recognised for recommending the ANMF (SA Branch)

Each and every member plays a crucial role in making us the powerful professional and industrial organisation that we are today. That's why we believe that members who actively encourage others to join the ANMF (SA Branch) deserve to be rewarded.

So for every person you refer that goes on to become a member of the ANMF (SA Branch) you will be sent a $50 Universal Gift Card to spend on anything you wish.

There’s no limit to the number of gift cards you can receive, so the more people you recruit the more rewards you’ll receive.

To request membership forms or arrange a visit from our team, call the membership team on 8334 1902, regional toll-free 1800 809 642 or email [email protected]

To be eligible to receive the Universal Gift card you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be a current financial member.
  • The new member must include your name in the ‘Recruited by’ field on their application form (hard copy or online) for you to receive a $50 Universal Gift Card.
  • The new member must have completed a membership application form and be confirmed as a financial member.
  • The $50 pre-paid Universal Gift Card will be provided to the member making the referral, not the new member.