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Your role as a Worksite Representative

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Your role

  • Recruit new members and worksite representatives
    The greater the number of members, the more powerful the ANMF (SA Branch) can be. On behalf of you, your colleagues and workplaces, we can negotiate better enterprise bargaining for better wages and working conditions.Recruiting additional WSRs will assist you in performing your role in the workplace.

  • Keep members informed
    Pass on information that comes from ANMF (SA Branch) to members by holding meetings, using appropriate notice boards and through informal contact.

  • Make yourself known
    Introduce yourself to existing and potential members.  Make sure they know your role and how they can contact you. Attend all member meetings and encourage your colleagues to do so too.

  • Be available
    Advise members to bring any problems or issues to you as the WSR in the first instance. If you require assistant, please contact the ANMF (SA Branch) who will provide advice.

  • Access training
    Undertake ANMF (SA Branch) online modules and, once completed, enroll yourself in face-to-face sessions if possible.
  • Arrange regular worksite meetings
    If there are a number of WSRs at your worksite, endeavor to meet regularly to discuss current issues or ideas on dispute management and to plan recruitment strategies.
  • Exercise caution
    Consult the ANMF (SA Branch) regularly regarding concerns or queries about any potential disputes.  Try to resolve issues by discussion and negotiation, however, always seek ANMF (SA Branch) advice and support if you are unsure or need further assistance.


Your rights

As a WSR you are entitled to recognition and respect for the important role you play. 

Your employer is required to support your role by:

  • Providing reasonable paid time to perform the role*
  • Respecting your right to represent members
  • Not discriminating on the basis of the role
  • Providing a designated bulletin board to ensure that ANMF (SA Branch) information is visible and available for all staff to access
  • Providing you with the ability to access union training leave*
  • Allowing access to members and potential members at all times
  • Providing time to convene official union meetings

* This is dependent upon the employee’s Enterprise Bargaining Agreement providing a relevant leave provision.

A HSR has rights under the Act to represent the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare (OHS&W) interests of their co-workers in the workplace. Employers are obliged to consult with HSR about OHS&W policies, any proposed changes to the workplace/work practices which may affect Health and Safety. HSRs have the power to:

  • Investigate complaints about OHS&W
  • Inspect the workplace after giving reasonable notice to the employer (or immediately in the event of an incident involving an immediate risk to health and safety).
  • Accompany a SafeWork SA inspector during an inspection
  • Be present at interviews of workers following an OHS&W incident
  • Require the employer to consult with the Union in relation to OHS&W matters

Health and Safety Representatives are protected under the WHS Act from being discriminated against at the workplace because of their involvement in health and safety.

Your responsibilities

  • Maintain regular contact with members
    • Encouraging interest and discussion
    • Relaying concerns/issues and general information from members to the relevant ANMF (SA Branch) Officer.

  • Distributing ANMF (SA Branch) information:
    • Promoting yourself as a Worksite Representative
    • Displaying current material on notice boards
    • Making membership forms available
    • Circulating approved publications
    • Promoting the services and policies of the ANMF (SA Branch)

  • Providing basic advice and representation on relevant topics in the workplace by:
    • Assisting members to access relevant material at the worksite
    • Referring matters to an ANMF (SA Branch) Officer if an issue falls outside their range of knowledge or competence

  • Organising and participating in recruitment activities in the worksite by:
    • Encouraging non-members and other workplace leaders and activists to join the ANMF (SA Branch)
    • Identifying workplace areas with low membership and targeting promotion to these areas (in collaboration with ANMF (SA Branch) Officers)
    • Advising an ANMF (SA Branch) Officer of any concern with service or other relevant issues

  • Acting in accordance with the rules, objectives and policies of the ANMF (SA Branch), including maintaining confidentiality regarding individual member matters.

  • Create some excitement
    • Ask your colleagues how they're going with their CPD hours and promote our online learning portal. 
    • Talk openly about Enterprise Bargaining negotiations and what they would like changed
    • Share In Practice and ANMJ magazines around your workplace
    • Share a story from our weekly news email with your colleagues
  • Pick your moment
    Ask some simple questions to find out if your colleagues are members:
    • Have you seen the ANMF's weekly news email this week?
    • Have you checked out the new ANMF (SA Branch) website?
    • Have you read the latest In Practice or ANMJ magazine?
  • Ask "Can YOU afford NOT to be a member?"
    • Arm yourself with our member savings wheel and highlight the points that matter most to them
    • Explain that membership fees are tax deductible
    • Explain that membership fees are calculated on your hours worked