The re-classification process 

Our hospitals are always looking for more experienced nurses and midwives to lead the way and provide high quality patient care, as well as leadership and mentoring for our early career nurses and midwives.

But for a variety of reasons, the re-classification process is not, instinctively, a career move pursued by some of our hard-working Registered Nurses and Midwives, who are already working at a higher level but not recognised for it.

Following member feedback, our professional team from ANMF (SA Branch) have produced resources for re-classifying to. Please follow the following links to reclassification fact sheets and templates specific to the Classification level you are seeking to re-classify to.

The 'Reclassification presentation' provides a thorough overview of the process for reclassifying. Even though it pertains to reclassifying to a RN/M 2, the high-level principles are still relevant to all Classification Levels.

Please refer to the fact sheets for specific information on each Classification Level.
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Watch our webinar on public sector reclassification process