Health and Safety Representatives

Health and Aged Care HSR Training

The ANMF has worked with SA Unions to offer a Safe Work SA approved Work Health and Safety Representatives Stage One course, tailored to the needs of the Health Care Industry.

Research clearly shows that elected and trained Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) are key to ensuring safer workplaces.

Training relevant to your needs and ongoing collaboration and support are integral to that success. We invite elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) to enrol in a course that has been designed for you.

This five-day course is run in two parts and includes:

  • WHS Legal Framework
  • The role of the HSR Representative
  • Resolving WHS issues
  • Consultation
  • Hazard management Inspections
  • Action plans

2024 Course dates:

Type of training

Level 1 - Course 2: Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 June (day 1-3) and Wednesday 12 - Thursday 13 June (day 4-5)
Level 1 - Course 3: Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 August (Day 1-3) and Tuesday 27 - Wednesday 28 August (day 4-5)

Type of training:
HSR Refresher Group 3: Wednesday 11 September 2024
HSR Refresher Group 4: Wednesday 13 November 2024

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Access the HSR Information flyer here

If you have any queries, please contact Suzy Sumsion or Sophie Nikolopoulos via email at [email protected] or via phone 8334 1900.

“As an HSR, you are entitled to attend training with a provider of your choice, in consultation with your Person in Control of Business or Undertaking (PCBU)”.

SA Unions is a provider of WHS training in SA.


Role of a (HSR) Health and Safety Representative

A HSR has rights under the Act to represent the Work Health and Safety and Welfare interests of their co-workers in the workplace.

Employers are obliged to consult with HSR about OHS&W policies, any proposed changes to the workplace/work practices which may affect Health and Safety.

HSRs have the power to:

  • Investigate complaints about WHS
  • Inspect the workplace after giving reasonable notice to the employer (or immediately in the event of an incident involving an immediate risk to health and safety).
  • Accompany a SafeWork SA inspector during an inspection
  • Be present at interviews of workers following an WHS incident
  • Require the employer to consult with the Union in relation to WHS matters

Health and Safety Representatives are protected under the WHS Act from being discriminated against at the workplace because of their involvement in health and safety.

The important role of HSRs is outlined in our new resource “ANMF HSR Your Voice Counts”.

HSR Your voice counts