Membership of ANMF (SA Branch) is available in three different forms

Membership categories & fees

  • Working Category Membership 
    Membership is available whether you are employed full-time, part-time or on a casual basis. Membership fees are set according to your role classification, hours worked per week and payment method selected.    
  • Student Membership
    Student Membership is available to students at a significantly discounted rate in recognition of student income. Student members still have access to many crucial benefits for the same cost of a cup of coffee each fortnight. Student members receive benefits including Journey Accident Cover, comprehensive legal and industrial advice and representation and access to an industrial expert to check statements related to issues during student placement. Please note that students currently employed as an Assistant in Nursing or Personal Care Assistant should join ANMF (SA Branch) as a Working Category Member to ensure they have adequate legal, professional and industrial protection.  
  • Associate Membership
    Associate Membership is available to members who are currently not working or on extended unpaid leave. It allows you to maintain your membership including access to our website, monthly magazine and discounts via the Member Advantage program. Associate Membership is available at a discounted rate in recognition of your changed income and circumstance. Associate Membership is also available to nurses and midwives whose industrial cover is provided by another union. For example, a nurse working as an academic in a university would be covered industrially by the Education Union, but may wish to retain membership of ANMF (SA Branch) for professional reasons and for keeping up to date with the latest developments in nursing and midwifery.

Membership Fees

July 2021 - June 2022 (GST included)

 Category    Fortnightly
   Direct Debit    
   Direct Debit or
   Credit Card     
   Credit Card     
   Invoice *  
 Registered Nurse        
 Over 24 hours  $33.80  $73.10  $203.10  $815.70
 24 hours or less
 $25.30  $55.00  $153.00  $615.00
 Enrolled Nurse        
 Over 24 hours  $24.00  $51.20  $143.00  $575.00
 24 hours or less  $20.50  $44.00  $123.00  $495.00
 Over 24 hours  $20.50  $44.00  $123.00  $495.00
  24 hours or less  $16.90  $36.60  $103.00  $414.00
 Working Undergraduates        
 AIN/AIM  $12.00  $25.60  $73.00  $294.00
 Associate RN/EN/PCA    $11.00  $32.50  $137.00
 Associate Student    $11.00  $32.50  $137.00
 *$10 discount applied if invoice paid by due date.