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Business Rules

SA Nursing/Midwifery Enterprise Agreement Staff Model Business Rules 2022

The 2022 SA Nursing / Midwifery Hours Per Patient Day (N/MHPPD) Business Rules (The Business Rules) aim is to support the operation of the staffing models provided for in Nursing /Midwifery (South Australian Public Sector) Enterprise Agreement (NMEA) 2022 including but not limited to safe staffing levels clause 3.1 and related appendices (excluding Appendix 5).

The key use of the Business Rules is for the review and development of staffing arrangements in patient care areas affected by change including the commission or recommissioning of patient care areas over the life of the Agreement or until implementation of mandated nurse/midwife-to-patient ratio legislation.

There are three key parts to the Business Rules:

  1. Processes to support the application of the staffing model.
  2. Process for determination or review of N/MHPPD for new patient care areas or those that significantly change service profile (reference NMEA 2022 sub-clause 3.1.4 and 3.1.5).
  3. Describes the Local Health Network N/MHPPD reporting requirements.

The Business Rules support:

  • The translation of NMEA 2022 provisions to practice, in relation to N/MHPPD staffing.
  • Consistent and compliant application of the NMEA 2022.
  • Guidance regarding system changes necessary to support consistent application of the NMEA 2022 SA N/MHPPD.

In preparation for the move to legislated nurse/midwife-to-patient ratios, from 1 November 2023, the period within which the N/MHPPD must be balanced for reporting requirements is 7 days.

Once the legislated nurse/midwife-to-patient ratios have been implemented, Business Rules will cease to exist.

To download the SA Nursing/Midwifery Enterprise Agreement Staff Model Appendix 2 – Business Rules click here.