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Your role as a Worksite Representative

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Worksite Representatives 

ANMF (SA Branch) Worksite Representatives (WSR) are the people who make sure our union is a part of everyday life in their worksites.

Worksite Representatives:

  • Provide a familiar and friendly first contact point for members and other staff.
  • Keep members informed and involved in local activities and broader campaigns.
  • Advise and act as a sounding board, talking to members about workplace problems and how to deal with them.
  • Support members to get advice and assistance from ANMF officers.
  • Recruit and welcome new members to the union.
  • Represent and be a spokesperson for the ANMF in their worksites.
  • Keep the ANMF office informed of issues in sites.

Worksite Representatives are an essential part of our union.

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Education for WSR 

The ANMF provides a comprehensive education program for our WSR to ensure you have the knowledge and leadership skills to act confidently in your worksite.

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The ANMF also provides a range of opportunities in addition to formal training, such as quarterly forums. These forums, open to any elected WSR, provide you with an important avenue for networking and learning about current issues impacting on the health system.

Become a WSR 

We encourage you to talk with members and other WSR about the importance of having a WSR in your site.

Once you have their support, find two members who wish to nominate you, then click on the link below to nominate.

Nominate here    

The ANMF strongly encourages people from all walks of life to nominate to represent the diversity of our members, including but not limited to women, First Nations people, people with a disability and members from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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