Public sector enterprise bargaining update #17 – Government fails to make a reasonable offer 

12 December 2019

Following the renewed discussions with representatives from the State Government regarding your enterprise agreement in early November 2019, we have been waiting with anticipation of an improved offer from your employer.  

It has now been over three weeks since the ANMF (SA Branch) and representatives of the state government reached a position whereby several terms discussed in good faith were to be taken back to the Ministers for consideration.

Disappointingly, the State Government has just confirmed that it has not changed its position in relation to bargaining outcomes. Read the letter here .

Given this disappointing and inflammatory response, the ANMF (SA Branch) Council has resolved to recommence industrial campaigning in early 2020 unless a settlement of your claims can be achieved.    

The status of the key issues we have been negotiating on your behalf are detailed below.

Protecting the 10-hour night shift

In order to preserve your 10-hour night shift (and double shift time), we put forward a proposal that facilitated the making significant savings within the health system. These savings would be achieved through measures that would improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity without negatively affecting your existing conditions of employment.

The Government’s response implies, in our view fallaciously, that the ANMF proposals were inadequate and fails to acknowledge or reward nurses and midwives contribution to making improvements, now and into the future, that will ensure productive and high-quality patient care.    

A fair wage increase
At this time, the Government has still not made any wages offer for members' consideration. Nor has there been any commitment to back-payment of any wage increase notwithstanding the significant delays caused by your employer during this bargaining process.  

Safe staffing levels
In order to implement the shift allocation model, we proposed some minor changes  that addressed the concerns raised by your employer whilst ensuring it maintained the core aspects of our proposal. No continuing objections have been raised since these amendments were proposed.

Safer working conditions
It has been discussed that Local Health Networks would be accountable for the implementation of all work health safety policies and procedures developed by SA Health or SafeWork SA. The Agreement would have had an enforceable obligation on the Local Health Networks to implement these policies in a timely manner. This in turn would have had a positive impact on resolution of claims relating to preventing violence and improving fatigue management.

Next steps
The ANMF Council has expressed its extreme disappointment and anger at the absence of any change in position by the State Government in relation to bargaining outcomes. As a direct consequence, it resolved to commence industrial campaigning in early 2020 should claims remain unresolved.

We recognise that many people are on leave and there are seasonal closures this time of year. We will be consulting with members in the New Year about the industrial campaigning that would be necessary to assist in a successful pursuit of our claims.  

We encourage all members to regularly check their inboxes and the News Hub at to stay updated on any campaign updates. We thank you for your continuing and active support for an enterprise bargaining agreement that reflects a stronger, safer and adequately resourced health care system.   
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