Community messages of support for nurses and midwives come streaming in 

7 November 2019

As nurses and midwives from every public health care site across the State stand up for safer conditions and patient care, messages being received from the community demonstrate you have the full support of South Australians.

“I’m standing with nurses and midwives because they do much for the people. I should know, my Dad is unwell and…without them I’m lost and my Dad might not prolong his life.

“Protect our nurses with better wages and more security!!! Nurses are the life blood of the hospital and community care.”

“We need to increase the safety of patients. We need better staff-patient ratios and better working conditions for nurses, which translates to better safety for patients.”

“Government is not listening to the nurses who are the most aware of patient needs.”

“The Government of this state [is] putting us its citizens in harm’s way.”

“Our nurses and midwives work tirelessly, and I’d much prefer my taxpayer money to fund essential services, such as health, rather than lining the pockets of politicians.”

The messages of support are being shared on an online portal at where nurses and midwives are also sharing the reasons behind the current industrial action. We encourage you to share your concerns at and keep the community informed on what you’re continuing to stand up for safe staffing and patient care conditions.