Stronger Together: Ratios, Reward and Recognition 

New Enterprise Agreement Secured

Thank you for your tremendous efforts in reaching this result which follows months of negotiations. 
The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) Executive, Council, Staff and Worksite Representatives have worked tirelessly to be able to secure a new Agreement which protects and extends your wages and conditions over the coming years. 
This agreement positions nursing and midwifery well at a time when we need to attract and retain as many people within the professions as possible. 

Our key goals, endorsed by members at the outset of this round of bargaining, were:
Ratios: To transition our existing staffing provisions in preparation for the ratios legislation to be enacted in the first term of the new State Government;
Rewards: To provide for increased remuneration and improved conditions of employment in a period of growing inflation; and
Recognition: To provide a starting point to address key WHS issues – violence and fatigue, and to deal with workforce development at a time of shortages locally and around the world.
I am pleased and proud to report that your active support for the ANMF (SA Branch) position has resulted in the proposed new Agreement delivering on our goals. The wage increases of 3 per cent are supplemented by 2 additional payments of $1500 in the first 2 years of the agreement. The CPD allowance more than doubles with $400 p.a. increases as well as agreement to index it by salary increases now and in the future.
This will see total remuneration increases of 13-14 per cent for most members in the 2 years and 9-month life of the agreement. Much of those increases are to be received in the first 2 years when inflation is expected to be at the highest levels. 
The Agreement also includes a number of review provisions, which commit the parties to developing new strategies, entitlements and provisions around retention, recognition and staffing. These review provisions contain deadlines which will enable the ANMF (SA Branch) to hold the government to account and give members certainty around the delivery of outcomes.

Thanks to the united position of members, and strong and effective negotiations led by the ANMF (SA Branch) team, we have been able to achieve a strong outcome.
You should feel very proud of this achievement, especially in a climate of great uncertainty for many in the community.

We look forward to working with you to continue to advance the professions and for the working conditions you deserve.
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