Transforming Health FAQ

Updated – April 2016

We are currently in negotiations with SA Health to develop the Transforming Health HR Principles and Employee Transition Procedures.

For any specific questions about matters relating to the transition of services that effect you, please call the ANMF (SA Branch) Duty Officer. (details at bottom of page)


In order to keep you as informed as possible, we have developed a Transforming Health FAQ:

Q: What is the Key Milestones Chart?

On the 20th November 2015, SA Health released the Transforming Health Key Milestones Chart (click here to view). The Key Milestones Chart is presented in three separate categories:

  • Local Health Network moves;
  • Enablers
  • Program Support

Details related to the practical implementation of Transforming Health are still very limited and the ANMF (SA Branch) continues to push SA Health for further and updated information. In the week leading up to Minister Snelling issuing a default notice on the building consortium responsible for the build of the nRAH, SA Health had suggested it would release an updated version of the document. This however did not eventuate, and we suspect this to be due to the further interruption of this key piece of infrastructure.. We understand that this continues to create significant concern and distress among members, and we are therefore continuing to stand with you to hold the government to account.

We will continue to press for additional information and make that available to members as it comes to hand.


Q: When are the services moving?

The Key Milestones Chart still only provides indicative time frames for the service moves that are planned over the life of Transforming Health.. However, the indicative dates are more defined now and provide certainty better picture for members.

For example; at the Repatriation General Hospital, there is now a target for when location of future services will be confirmed (July 2016) and a month for when the hospital is thought to close (Sept 2017)., Surgical Services at the Repat are also projected to move in March 2017 to FMC and NHS.


Q: Will I still have a job?

Projected workforce changes have now been communicated in the form of Local Health Networks releasing their Clinical Reconfiguration plans for consultation. But the Human Resource principals that are to contain information on the potential impacts of Transforming Health on employment security, pay and conditions, are yet to be confirmed.

Nonetheless, your employment is strictly governed by the Nursing/Midwifery Enterprise Agreement (NMEA) and the Award. Workplace change of the size and scope of Transforming Health cannot occur prior to consultation with the ANMF (SA Branch) and employees. Management must provide all relevant information and engage in meaningful, genuine consultation (2.2, NMEA). To do so otherwise would breach this agreement.

It is because of the Enterprise Agreement negotiated by the ANMF (SA Branch) that we have been able to halt any further progress of clinical reconfiguration until the HR Principals are locked in to protect your wages and working conditions.

The EA is now currently under negotiation again so now is the time to become actively involved and get behind your Work Site Representatives.

We are undertaking negotiations currently with the Department and the Public Sector industrial advisors in order to resolve this and other critical industrial and employment security matters. Support is available by calling the ANMF (SA Branch) Duty Officer.


Q: What about bed closures (and the closure of the RGH)?

We continue to monitor bed numbers on our regular walk rounds, and will actively oppose the closure of any beds until there is evidence of reduced demand within the system. The Government has publicly agreed to meet this requirement. If you become aware of proposed bed closure not consistent with the above, it is essential you report this to your Work Site Representative or direct to the Duty Officer ANMF (SA Branch), so that we can actively oppose such closures.

We are aware of bed numbers being flexed up and down above commissioned bed levels, and temporary closure of some wards as a result of moving bed stock. We will closely monitor the availability of beds and their utilisation over the period ahead of the proposed closure of the RGH acute beds to ensure that there is no negative impact on the volume of services available to the community.


Q: Will I need to transfer to another site?

As services move between sites, SA Health may determine that some staff will have to relocate between sites.

The transition of ongoing employees affected by organisational change aligned to Transforming Health must occur in line with the current Nursing /Midwifery (South Australian Public Sector) Enterprise Agreement 2013.

The process would involve firstly a call to register interest – ROI, ROI is not binding, but is designed to give an understanding of who might want to move if the offer was available. From here a more formal process may then occur – Expression of Interest EOI, occurs for those that would be ‘in scope’ for transfer, and who may of registered interest.  If there are more EOI’s received after a written invitation, than positions available, then a merit based approach would then occur for the positions of interest. You would be required to submit your CV for this process.

On the issue of CV’s; it is a requirement of your Registration or Enrolment with AHPRA to maintain an up to date CV. There has however been reports received by members at particular work sites where ‘notices’ have been left in tearooms urging staff to update or get there CV’s ready.  The ANMF (SA Branch) is deeply offended by this and takes a dim view of this sort of action given the current level of anxiety for nurses created by Transforming Health. This issue was addressed head on with the relevant HR Dept by the ANMF (SA Branch) when first notified by members. We have asked for a ‘Please explain’, and will continue to pursue a response from management.

We continue to negotiate with SA Health to develop the Transforming Health HR Principles and Employee Transition Procedures.If you are presented with any written instruction or contract do not act until you have spoken with the Duty Officer at the ANMF (SA Branch) for guidance on 8334 1900

For any specific questions about matters relating to the transition of services that effect you, please call the ANMF (SA Branch) Duty Officer.


Q: Will I lose my entitlements?

No. While you are an employee of SA Health, you will retain all of your accumulated entitlements.

Should you be required to move location or network as a result of the Transforming Health process, your entitlements will remain with you


Q: Can I be placed on a temporary contract?

While you are employed by SA Health, SA Health has an obligation to maintain the terms of your employment. If you are a permanent full time or part time employee, you can not be placed on a temporary contract by SA Health. You should seek advice before signing any changes to your contract of employment.

Q: Does Determination 7 apply to nursing staff?

Determination 7 is a decision by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, and relates to the management of excess employees who are employed and remunerated within the public service.

Determination 7 has no impact on Nursing employees. Nurses and Midwives are remunerated in accordance with the Nursing/Midwifery (South Australian Public Sector) Enterprise Agreement 2013.

Some work sites have made Determination 7 available to employees, including nurses and midwives, which has confused some members. SA Health have agreed that the Determination applies to only those employees covered by the Public Sector Salaried Employees Agreement and has no application to nurses, midwives, medical, paramedical and weekly paid staff. The discussions presently taking place with SA Health will, ultimately, deal with these issues for nursing and midwifery staff. We will circulate the terms of any proposed agreement for member feedback before it is finalised.


Q: How will members be engaged in the process?

The realignments of services across LHNs will involve local engagement with clinicians and staff to determine the most appropriate location for services.

The ANMF (SA branch) will be actively engaged in consultation throughout the LHNs. As opportunities for consultation arise, we will contact members and seek their feedback so that this can be provided to SA Health on their behalf.

In addition, the ANMF (SA Branch) has been engaged in regular Transforming Health walk rounds and forums. Members are regularly informed via bulletin. To date, attendance at these meetings by nurses has been largely reactive.  Nurses are attending meetings with the ANMF to find out what is happening to them, rather than providing a response in the knowledge of what is happening.

There are many membership benefits with the ANMF. Membership is financially beneficial, and a tax deduction. However ‘collectivism’ is where the true power of the ANMF is industrially, and becoming and active member is what gets results.  Get behind your Work Site Representatives, or if you don’t have one in your ward or unit then seek to nominate. Call the Duty Officer on 8334 1900 to find out how.

As plans mature and develop within each Local Health Network, the time frame will be adapted to respond to changes that may be required. This represents an opportunity for members. Member engagement in this process is critical in creating the right change for nurses and our health system.

For any urgent concerns, please contact your Work Site Representative, or the ANMF (SA Branch) Duty Officer.


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If you have any further queries or questions please contact the ANMF (SA Branch) Duty Officer on 08 8334 1900 or email