Your Penalty Rates

Research demonstrates that penalty rates are worth over 20 per cent of the earnings of shift working members. Any attempt to wind back or abolish penalty rates would therefore have a significant and unwelcome impact on the real wage levels of members.

We asked all parties and independents in the current State Parliament 3 key questions about protecting your working conditions – including penalty rates:

  1. Do you / your party commit to supporting the rights of unions and their members to collectively bargain consistent with, as a minimum, their existing legal rights and entitlements?
  2. Do you / your party commit to opposing any attempt to reduce the matters which are able to be included with enterprise agreements (such as safe staffing levels/mix and penalty rates)?
  3. Do you / your party commit to opposing any reduction to existing penalty rates or any other existing industrial entitlement by use of legislation or regulation?

The report card below clearly demonstrates where each party or candidate stands.

Report Card

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NXG-endorsed candidates failed to respond to the request for answers to the questions posed by ANMF (SA Branch), however a belated response was received from the NXG campaign manager advising the party would protect penalty rates in your sector.

Accordingly, we again sought clarification from NXG-endorsed candidates as to their personal position on this important issue. Responses are listed in the document below.

To read the full responses of each candidate and party, click here.