The Best Practice Spotlight Organisation (BPSO®) program provides a structured, evidence based methodology for organisations to prepare, implement and evaluate evidence based practice in a way that is sustainable over time.

The objectives of the BPSO® program are four-fold:

  • Establish dynamic, long-term partnerships that focus on patient care through supporting knowledge-based nursing/midwifery practice;
  • Demonstrate creative strategies for successfully implementing nursing and midwifery best practice guidelines (BPGs) at the individual and organisation level;
  • Establish and utilise effective approaches to evaluate implementation activities utilising structure, process and outcomes indicators; and,
  • Identify effective strategies for system-wide dissemination of BPG implementation and outcomes.

The BPGs support:

  • Consistency in practice and care delivery;
  • Improvement in clients’/patients’ health care experiences;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of health care outcomes;
  • Alignment of evidence based practice with current accreditation standards.

International studies have demonstrated that BPSOs have been found to be more equipped to achieve positive health outcomes for patients/clients, retain a qualified nursing and midwifery workforce, successfully attract staff, and make significant and sustained improvements in system performance and in reduction in costs.


BPSO® Practice Champions

Best Practice Champions are nurses, midwives and others who are passionate about improving nursing/midwifery practice and person-centred care in their organisation.  The Champions model is well-established in the RNAO literature as an effective method of knowledge transfer to incorporate evidence into practice by:

  • Disseminating the evidence
  • Assisting with knowledge transfer
  • Promoting the uptake of Best Practices
  • Sharing resources
  • Preventing “shelf-itis”
  • Sustaining the change


Best Practice Champions attend workshops and receive training in their BPG, are empowered to raise awareness, to role model and influence changes, and to facilitate and support BPG implementation within their workplace.

BPSO® candidates requires a critical mass (Target 15%) of key nurses and midwives to become Practice Champions, educated to lead and embed practice change at a ward/unit level.

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