Best Practice Spotlight Organisation

Using the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) internationally acclaimed model you will learn how to structure, develop and build a successful initiative that encompasses:

  • Change Management
  • Needs Analysis
  • Guideline Strategy Development
  • Implementation Project Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Risk Plan
  • Evaluation Plan

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ABOUT – Implementing Evidence-Based Practice

ANMF (SA Branch) has campaigned relentlessly across all health care sectors to promote the inclusion of evidence-based best practice and healthy work cultures.

Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) are developed using the best available evidence in order to provide clinicians with evidence-based recommendations to support clinical practice.

The implementation of BPGs is proven to have resulted in significant improvements in client outcomes including reductions in falls, pressure ulcers, amputations, length of stay and the incidence of urinary incontinence as well as an increase the number of new mothers who breast feed for longer periods.

The application of BPGs also reduces variation in care, assists clinical decision making, stops interventions that have little to no effect or cause harm and transfers evidence into practice.

In order to promote the implementation of BPGs, the Registered Nurses Association Ontario (RNAO), a world leader in best practice guideline development, dissemination, implementation and evaluation, has developed the Best Practice Spotlight Organisation (BPSO®) Program. The program supports healthcare organisations and academic settings to implement BPGs and evaluate their impact on patient and organisational outcomes and/or academic results.

RNAO has trained and endorsed ANMF(SA Branch) to be the BPSO® Program host in Australia. As program host, we provide organisations with BPG implementation support, education and training including access to evidence based implementation tools and lessons learned from the highly successful, world renowned RNAO BPG implementation program.

ANMF (SA Branch) is proud to play a part in encouraging South Australia’s nursing and midwifery sectors to incorporate best practice within their workplace. We encourage all eligible organisations to become involved with this innovative program.

If you have any questions regarding BPGs and BPSO®s or are interested in participating in the BPSO® Program, email your enquiry to and one of our Professional Officers will contact you.

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