Update on SA Pathology Sustainability Project

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With the SA Pathology Sustainability Project Committee charged with finding annual savings of around $40 million or risk its privatisation, the review of this critical public health service is progressing.

SA Pathology Sustainability Project has been established as a mechanism to review services, efficiencies, staffing and other areas of the service with the project’s Steering Committee responsible for providing recommendations to SA Health in relation to:

  • The cost of collection centres/private work compared to the revenue generated from these centres and private work.
  • Contestability – to improve the competitiveness of SA Pathology and determine which services are provided only by SA Pathology in its role as a public provider.
  • Clinical and social value – such as the role of pathology in reducing pathology utilisation (demand management).
  • Potential strategy for exiting from non-core services.
  • Opportunity for structural changes to deliver expected savings.
  • Opportunities for increasing revenue.
  • Identifying essential public services, which would be considered out of scope in a contestable model.
  • Models for costing and funding out-of-scope essential public services, which would otherwise disadvantage SA Pathology in a contestable environment.
  • Preparing SA Pathology to engage effectively with a contestability process, in the event that public pathology services are contested.

The Union Consultative Forum established to facilitate communication or consultation on any proposals discussed as part of the sustainability project has distributed the following documents for review:

  • Action list (updated Jan 2019)
  • Minutes (updated Jan 2019)
  • Summary of OzTrain staff interviews (Jan 2019)

For regular updates on meeting minutes and other documentation as part of the SA Pathology Sustainability Project, visit our web page here.

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