Taskforce releases EPLIS report

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Following the introduction of a new, laboratory information system, the turnaround times for results from SA Pathology had deteriorated to the point that there were major patient safety concerns. In response, the Minister for Health and Wellbeing formed a Task Force to investigate and to coordinate efforts to restore times to previous levels.

The recently released EPLIS Task Force Summary Report makes recommendations on:

  • The reporting of patient incidents;
  • Extending the measurement of turnaround times to capture from the time clinicians place the order, rather than from the time the specimen is received in the laboratory;
  • Renewing a focus on community/GP requirements;
  • Investigating electronic ordering for all public health and hospital sites;
  • Ensuring clinical input into further changes to test report formatting;
  • Reviewing turnaround times against new industry benchmarks
  • Ensuring logistic and transport requirements don’t impact on provision of results;
  • Establishing a governance oversight of the optimisation of EPLIS over the next 18 months.

View the full report and all 12 recommendations here.

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  1. Andrea H says:

    It’s not only city hospitals that have this problem. Just because their numbers are greater and the problem seems so much bigger the same thing is happening in country hospitals as well.

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