‘Take the WAIT off’ ends as more LHNs take steps on overcrowding

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After launching our ‘Take the WAIT off’ campaign a few months ago, we are now seeing a concerted effort from all Local Health Networks (LHNs) on addressing patient flow issues to help ease overcrowding. This focus is supported by a commitment from the Minister for Health and Wellbeing—made again directly to us yesterday—that the State Government is focused on solutions that eliminate the need for ambulance ramping and external triaging.

We know this is an issue that will not be eliminated overnight. However, the difference between now and when we started our campaign is a genuine willingness at local and state level to take steps towards eliminating a problem that had been occurring for more than 18 months. This willingness is now being backed up by action by the LHNs in the form of measures to improve patient flow—beyond the 140+ bed ‘promises’ made during our campaign. Given the above, the ANMF (SA Branch) Council determined yesterday that Stage 1 action (the display posters and distribution of postcards) would cease effectively immediately.

The end of the ‘Take the WAIT off’ campaign by no means marks the end of our overall campaign to address this issue, but thanks to this campaign—and your efforts throughout it—the Minister, the Department and all Local Health Networks are committed to working with the ANMF (SA Branch) and rolling out strategies, informed by our members, to start to take the WAIT off.

If you have any other suggestions on localised strategies to help ease the pressure in your workplace, we urge you to relay this to your Worksite Representative, so we can continue to push for improvements via your Local Health Network.

For a tongue-in-cheek recap of our ‘Take the WAIT off’ campaign journey, see the below video.

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