ANMF SA supports forensic blood test orders and blood collection by RNs and NPs

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After consultation with members, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) has written to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing in support of proposed amendments to current legislation and regulations related to Forensic Blood Test Orders (Forensic Bloods).

Currently, legislation and regulations in South Australia state that Forensic Bloods can only be collected by a medical practitioner, unless the person requesting an optional test had the breath analysis conducted inside Metropolitan Adelaide.

Based on advice from members, we have advised the Minister that, with appropriate education and local site guidelines in place, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners would be capable of being included as approved health practitioners able to collect Forensic Bloods for the purposes of complying with the relevant legislation and regulations.

View the correspondence to the Minister here.

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