South Australian Public Sector Career Structure Review 2015/16 Update

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the SA Public Sector, Nursing and Midwifery Career Structure Review.

The Steering Committee members will now use consultation feedback to inform discussion around any proposed changes to the current nursing and midwifery career structure in line with the original objectives of the review which were to:-

  • Assess whether the roles and duties specified in the current agreement reflect the work required of nursing and midwifery staff within a range of work settings and environments;
  • Look at whether the current structure is a suitable model for contemporary practice;
  • Ensure the career structure remains appropriate and capable of meeting the needs of nursing and midwifery staff and health services given the changes required by Transforming Health.

Any proposed changes to the career structure will be included in the Enterprise Bargaining negotiations which are due to begin in April 2016. Further information will be provided as part of that process.

Steering Committee members:
SA Health
Jenny Fereday (Executive Director, Nursing and Midwifery, Women’s and Children’s Health Network) Jenny Dunstan (Director, Workforce Relations)

ANMF (SA Branch)
Rob Bonner (Director, Operations and Strategy)
Jenny Hurley (Manager, Professional Program)

For further information contact: (ph 8334 1965) or (ph 8161 8051).

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