Securing $30K back-pay for ACHA midwives

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Earlier this year, an issue was raised by midwives at ACHA about the incorrect payment of the midwifery qualifications allowance. ANMF discovered that some midwives had been paid the incorrect midwifery qualifications allowance for a number of years and in some instances well over 10 years.

This has meant, for example, that midwives who should have been paid the second-degree allowance, have been paid at the graduate diploma allowance or certificate allowance level.

While ACHA had informed members that it would fix the issue, a number of outstanding issues were not resolved. ANMF therefore took action to ensure that all members were fairly compensated with backpay for the period of the discrepancy.

The issue has now been rectified, with back-payment of almost $30,000 paid to affected ACHA midwives.

We understand ACHA is now paying the correct allowance for all members. Members with any questions are encouraged to contact the Duty Officer 8334 1900.

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