SALHN commits to consultation over 1:1 Nursing Specials

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South Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) is current consulting with nurses and midwives across the local health network on a revised practice that will provide a more streamlined approach to the assessment, implementation and cessation of 1:1 Nursing Specials.

As part of the proposal, SALHN members will have access to a new training package; a new request and observation form; and an updated falls and injury prevention equipment list.

SALHN members are encouraged to provide their feedback on the change to by Friday 22 February.

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2 thoughts on "SALHN commits to consultation over 1:1 Nursing Specials"

  1. JANET says:

    When clinically indicated, e.g. when multiple Code Blacks are called, of course 1:1 Nursing Specials MUST remain. it would be idiotic to cease these. Puts both patients and nurses at risk.

  2. Lindy says:

    Replacing 1:1 Nursing Specials with Close Observation Bays sounds reasonable in theory, but it is not so straight-forward in practice. How can a nurse maintain adequate observation and provide a good standard of care to a group of patients who have been clustered together because they all have complex care needs and significant behaviours of concern? How can a nurse provide personal care to one patient behind a curtain or in the bathroom, while also maintaining adequate observation of the other patients in the bay? It is so stressful and exhausting. Responsible resource management is important, but it should not be at the expense of good patient care, and the safety of patients and nurses.

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