Providers reprimanding aged care staff for response delays

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Members in residential aged care are reporting an ‘epidemic’ of reprimand letters from employers pointing out delays in responding to call bells and incidents of missed care.

The letters are being issued to nursing and care staff and in some instances relating to incidents occurring when they were not even on-shift.

As the spotlight grows on the operations of aged care facilities across the nation in light of a looming Royal Commission, the ANMF (SA Branch) expects to hear of more such activity as employers attempt to unfairly apportion blame for missed care on a severely under-staffed workforce.

We urge all members—in and out of aged care—to get behind our very public national campaign for legislated staffing ratios in aged care. Take just one minute out of your day to visit and add your voice to the growing community of concern.

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One thought on "Providers reprimanding aged care staff for response delays"

  1. Danielle says:

    We receive on a regular basis audits and constant reprimands to call bells that are not answered quick enough. In most cases the staff available are already attending to other residents or doing doubles. There are times when there is only 1 staff on the floor to manage up to 36 residents. Despite constant feedback from staff to management that we need more people on the floor, we continue to work stressed knowing our response times are being recorded. We are told we are over staffed. Quality of care is being being effected dramatically why won’t providers acknowledge this issue.

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