Nurses action to proceed after failed talks with Minister

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After weeks of campaigning for the State Government to implement a solution to alleviate the pressure off the city’s overcrowded hospitals, the Minister for Health and Wellbeing has failed to commit to a circuit-breaker to prevent industrial action.

At a meeting with the heads of the professional bodies, including Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) CEO/Secretary Adj Associate Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM, the Minister has failed to commit to providing access to sufficient acute resources to temporarily ease the chronic demand for beds.

“It is disappointing that the State Government has failed to respond to the clear cries for help from our nurses at the frontline who are now officially beyond breaking point.”

“We’re talking about a workforce that is feeling just as broken as the system they’ve had to endure for the past 18 months.”

“If the Minister had been able to commit to providing the additional beds we need, we believe this would have made a real difference to improving patient flow through our emergency departments.

In direct response to the outcomes coming out of today’s meeting with the Minister, Ms Dabars says the action planned for next week will proceed.

“Obviously, the Minister has not delivered on the circuit-breaker we’ve been campaigning for by today’s deadline, so our members are left with no choice but to proceed with the planned action from next week.”

“Our members are incredibly disappointed there is no sign of relief. All they want to do is get on with the job of providing the best care for their patients in an environment that allows them to do so safely and effectively.

“Sadly, they are unable to do this.”

“We are fully aware this Government is not responsible for the chronic overcrowding that has been escalating over the past 18 months, but we had expected the Minister to step up and act on a temporary solution.”

Affected members are urged to check their inboxes for further information on agreed actions next week.

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  1. Leonie K says:

    The government need to stop closing hospitals, health facilities, including Mental Health, Aged Care and acute facilities.

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