New CPD Module – Hepatitis B An Update

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Hepatitis B – An update

Hepatitis B is a viral infection of the liver and a major international public health concern. It has the potential to cause life threatening, acute and chronic liver disease.  Those at risk include people living in endemic areas, individuals participating in high-risk activities, and healthcare workers. Several strategies exist to prevent the spread of hepatitis B including maternal hepatitis B screening, blood safety, and infection control practices. Further, a safe and effective vaccine is available for infants, adolescents and at-risk adults. Individual prevention practices, national strategies, and global cooperation are required to reduce the impact of viral hepatitis.

We have recently published an online CPD module on hepatitis B. It is aimed at midwives, child health nurses and those working in any population group at risk of hepatitis B. It can be found in the topic area of ‘Infectious diseases.’

Click here to login and start this module now.

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