Looking for Nurses…. Can you help keep a clinic afloat in Fiji

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If you’ve been thinking about using your skills to help people abroad, a floating health check clinic in Fiji is seeking nurses on a two-week volunteer rotation to work alongside at least one doctor on a small catamaran.

The health check clinic sails between islands where diabetes is a primary health problem. You’ll be involved in helping Fijians with education and monitoring of health conditions.

With our Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) vessels operating from April through October, we have 10 different rotation dates for our volunteers to choose from across the South Pacific.

With medical, dental and ophthalmology care now being being offered, there are incredible opportunities for all health care related volunteers on each rotation. We will once again be providing FHCC services to work in Fiji to serve their 50+ remote islands in the northern and southern Lau Group. We will also be expanding our service types to include dental and ophthalmology services and volunteers.

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2 thoughts on "Looking for Nurses…. Can you help keep a clinic afloat in Fiji"

  1. Lee says:

    Hi there
    What are the conditions /requirements that you need to do this.
    What are the costs involved please.

    Lee Munn

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