Is your annual leave pay not quite adding up?

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Have you taken annual leave and been paid less than usual? We’ve received reports from some members that their annual leave pay has been incorrectly averaged out, resulting in them being paid less than they’re entitled to receive.

If you believe this might have happened to you, please let us know via

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2 thoughts on "Is your annual leave pay not quite adding up?"

  1. kazza says:

    Our payroll system is complex. Not only that but there are numerous barriers in the way of problem resolution. The onus is on the employee to identify any errors and follow them up through difficult channels that the payroll office simply does not understand. Even the simple rollover of 1610 hours to another pay increment rate doesn’t seem to happen. Numerous times staff have to chase this up. Surely the technical support could include a simple algorithm to calculate this and holiday pays. I believe the payroll system needs to change, we don’t have access to much of our payroll information at all. If we do not have an Sa health email we cannot access a lot of our own data. If you add shift work into the equation there are numerous delays in correcting errors in our pay. It’s just another irritant that adds unnecessary stress to our busy lives. If you cannot trust your payslip it means you have to calculate everything yourself, this is what everyone has to do all the time now.

  2. Leah says:

    I could not agree more. I have chased up around $ 25,000 in back-pay since Shared Services commenced and around 3 months in leave entitlements. Often I am chasing a new incorrect payslip and an incorrect back-pay, as is the case at the moment. It is extremely frustrating and time consuming. The occasional mistake is human, however what is happening does not seem to be accidental. It would be great to just be paid what we are owed without having to go through all the hassle.

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