Consulting on new Regional DONS

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Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) is proposing to implement four Regional Director of Nursing and Midwifery (RDONM) roles in these regions:

  • Barossa Hills Fleurieu (BHF)
  • Eyre and Far North (EFN)
  • Riverland Mallee Coorong (RMC)
  • Yorke and Northern (Y&N)

For the two (2) RDONM roles in Flinders and Upper North (FUN) and South East (SE) regions, it is proposed that the existing DONM roles at Whyalla and Mount Gambier/Penola be reclassified to RN/M6.5 to incorporate the regional responsibility. The rationale for this proposal is due to the smaller number of health sites in these regions.

CHSALHN proposes an additional RN/M3 to be added to the Nursing/Midwifery structure in the FUN and SE regions. CHSALHN has indicated that they will consult with RN/M3s to RN/M6s to obtain feedback on the proposal to implement the RDONM model.

There have been some concerns raised regarding the implementation of these changes whilst at the same time the Government has announced its intention to move to regional boards.  Given that number and scope of those boards is yet to be finalised it could be argued that making these roles permanent at this time could lead to yet another round of change necessary in the near future.  On the other hand many of these roles have been in place for extended periods of time on an interim basis whilst they have been ‘piloted’.

We urge all affected members to consider this proposal and review the current and proposed organisational structures. Please provide your feedback in relation to the models and the issues associated with the move to regional boards and the timing of this change, by Monday 30 April to

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4 thoughts on "Consulting on new Regional DONS"

  1. Janine G says:

    Hi ANMF, we have had a regional DON for a while, is there information about what they are achieving for us? Are they just one more step in the chain?
    I work in small country hospital as a level three, all that is happening is more and more administrative work is being sent down to these sites with no resources to support it being completed.
    I would like information on the role of the regional DON, what expectations they are supposed to achieve.

  2. Country nurse says:

    Although nursing leadership is very much needed I’m concerned that country DONMs are increasingly absent from the coalface. Hard to see how a regional DONM can also provide effective leadership in their hospital. Sharing DONM roles across multiple sites hasn’t worked but has still recently been introduced across Hawker & Quorn putting increased pressure on the level 3s.

    • Another Country Nurse says:

      *correction –
      putting pressure on ALL staff involved! The introduction was put forward as a TEMPORARY solution to fill a short term gap only, it has not worked in the short term and should not be even considered in the longer term.

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