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Elizabeth Dabars In Touch July 2017Over recent months, I have been undertaking workplace walkarounds to connect with our members in their respective wards and units.

Being able to directly engage and discuss any areas of concern with members is invaluable to my role of advocating on behalf of South Australia’s nursing and midwifery workforce and provides an important opportunity for me to thank you for the work that you do you each and every day.

Regularly visiting member workplaces across the state is also a key part of my personal commitment to be ‘with you in work and in practice’.

I am always impressed by the work you undertake for our community every single day in such diverse myriad ways. I’m also often overwhelmed by the openness of members in sharing your experiences, challenges and opportunities with me.

During these recent walkarounds, it has become increasingly apparent not only how skilful you are, but how you manage to not only survive but incredibly to excel in increasingly challenging circumstances.

Resources are often limited, and demand is ever growing.

So too am I impressed by the high-level and solutions-oriented approach you individually and collectively take in trying to work through and resolve these issues.

I am acutely aware that your individual and collective talents and skills, incredible as they are, will never and can never entirely substitute for system failures. We know you need the resourcing and structure of a system to support you—an obvious gap that we remain determined to seal by advocating on your behalf.

I can absolutely assure you, that it is our commitment to work with you at every level—whether that be unit, hospital, Local Health Network, state-wide, federal or indeed internationally—in order to protect and improve your ability to provide the care your patients need and deserve.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on these visits. I congratulate you on the important work you are doing.

The team and I look forward to continuing to work with you to address your challenges and progress positive opportunities.

Yours sincerely
Adj Assoc Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM


“I’d been on a contract for three years when I spoke with Elizabeth on her visit to my area of the hospital… my concern has since been escalated and I’ve now secured a permanent position. I’m so relieved I now have an assurance that I can return to my dream job after I take maternity to have my first baby this year.” – Sarah

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“It was great to be able to personally express my gratitude to Elizabeth for the ANMF (SA Branch)’s efforts in helping me obtain a permanent role. The threat of the bed closures in my ward meant I was in danger of not having continuing employment. Thanks to the work of the ANMF team, I now have a permanent position and so do a number of my colleagues.” – Anonymous


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