Confused about how public holidays fit into your annual leave?

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If you’re wondering about your entitlements when it comes to public holidays when they fall within your annual leave periods, here’s a little refresher.

Public sector
In accordance with clause 3.3 of the Nurses (South Australian Public Sector) Award 2002, when a paid public holiday falls between Monday and Friday inclusive, during a period when an employee is on annual leave, the period of leave will be extended accordingly. When a public holiday falls on a weekend, there will be a substitute public holiday on the next weekday, i.e. when Christmas day falls on a Saturday, Monday is declared the Christmas Day public holiday.

Private sector
In the National Employment Standards (NES) for Nurses/Midwives and Carers, if you’re on annual leave and a public holiday occurs, and it is a day you would normally work, you are entitled to be paid ordinary hours, but it is not counted as an annual leave day. Although be sure to check your enterprise agreement as you may have conditions that are superior to the NES.

Please contact the Duty Officer on 8334 1900 if you require further clarification on your entitlements in this regard.

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3 thoughts on "Confused about how public holidays fit into your annual leave?"

  1. Nicola says:

    Thankyou for the update,very useful to be reminded of our entitlement s.

  2. Susan says:

    Could you inform me on – I am on an ongoing contract for night duty Thursday, Friday and Saturday. When I am on leave my wage drops as I do not get paid penalties. Is this correct.

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