Conference Delegate Nominations 2018

Being a Conference Delegate to the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) is an exciting opportunity for ANMF Worksite Representatives and members. The fundamental role of the Conference Delegate (Role Description attached) is to debate and recommend adopting policies which will assist the union to advocate on behalf of the professions and members. Conference Delegates must attend all electorate meetings and participate in deliberations. If Conference Delegates fail to attend both Electorate Meetings, they are not eligible to attend the ADC.

Members who are not worksite representatives are able to be elected as Conference Delegates with each electorate able to nominate at least half of its representatives from worksite representatives and the balance of delegates coming from either worksite representatives or members.

Council has determined that the election period for Conference Delegates elected in 2018 will be for a one year period only.

Rule changes made to the ANMF (SA Branch) rules in May 2017 changed the role of the ADC to advisory from its previous role as a policy-making body, and returned responsibility for determining policy matters to the ANMF (SA Branch) Council.  The rule changes will take effect from the 2018 ADC.  Electorates still have the capacity to put forward resolutions on matters that members believe should be included in ANMF (SA Branch) policies that can then be debated at the ADC, and, where supported, referred to Council for consideration and acceptance. At the same time, worksite reps and members are encouraged to raise issues as they arise between ADCs with their ANMF (SA Branch) Organiser.

The 26th Annual Delegates Conference will be held on Friday 3 August 2018 at the ANMF (SA Branch) Conference Centre, 191 Torrens Road, RIDLEYTON. Conference Delegates should be able to access “Conference Leave” to attend the Annual Delegates Conference. (Country delegates receive support from ANMF (SA Branch) for travel and accommodation).

Conference Delegate Nominations open on Monday, 9 April 2018 and close on Monday, 23 April 2018 at 5pm.

Your nomination form must be returned by the 23 April 2018 otherwise you will not be eligible to attend. Nominations received will then proceed to an election conducted at your next worksite electorate forum.


We strongly encourage you to nominate for this exciting and important role.
All the best with your nomination and if you have any further queries don’t hesitate to call your organiser on 8334 1900 or toll free 1800 809 642 or email:

The Annual Delegates Conference will be held in conjunction with the two day Professional Conference which precedes the Annual Delegates Conference on the Wednesday 1 August and Thursday 2 August 2018. Attendance at the Professional Conference is free for Conference Delegates and Worksite Representatives.

Yours sincerely,

Adj Assoc Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM

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