ANMF staffing win at Noarlunga Hospital

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Members in the Myles Ward at Noarlunga Hospital are celebrating a win for safe staffing this week, as the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) agrees to a 33% increase to its Nursing Hours per Patient Day (NHPPD).

The outcome can be chalked up to strong member engagement by a team who had a 6.0 NHPPD and we negotiated for 8.0 in Myles in response to strong member engagement.

Subsequent strong member engagement during the 6-month review enabled a further increase to 8.5 NHPPD. SALHN have signed off on the Business case for the increase and have agreed to commence staffing to the new number immediately.

This is a win for patients and their families who are dealing with the sometimes challenging behavioural and Psychological Symptoms (BPSD) associated with dementia. And of course a win for members who will have increased capacity to provide for person and family centred care.

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