ANMF (SA Branch) pays tribute to Gayle and the need for nurse safety


ANMF SA Branch would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Gayle Woodford, the Remote Area Nurse who was allegedly murdered in the APY lands over Easter.

Adj Associate Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM CEO/Secretary of Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) spoke to the media on Tuesday 29 March and offered her own personal message to Gayle’s family.

 “I was saddened to hear this tragic news during a holiday period when we should all be enjoying time with our families and would like to offer my deepest sympathy to Gayle’s family and friends. Gayle was a wife and mother, like all nurses she dedicated her life to helping others and her life should not have been taken in this way. This has further highlighted the need for improved security and protection of all nurses whether they work in rural or metro areas.

It is crucial to secure more federal funding to employ enough nurses to work in pairs to offer emotional support to each other in remote areas but also to improve the treatment to the community. This duel effect will improve the system and also the safety of all nurses in these communities. The best way to honour Gayle is to ensure that we have a system in place in future that prevents this kind of tragedy occurring again.”

Nurses around the country have shown their respect for Gayle and her family by wearing a bandage or armband in memory of Gayle.


ANMF Action

ANMF nationally has been seeking changes to staffing arrangements for Remote Area Nurses for several years.

Resolutions from members in the Northern Territory were supported by the ANMF National Delegates Conference seeking an end to single nurse posts in order to better provide for safety in remote locations.

We have written to Senator Nick Xenophon to take up his offer made during a shared radio interview with Adj Associate Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM CEO/Secretary to propose a resolution in the Senate seeking action in this area.

We would like to ask all Nurses to support and sign the petition to support Remote Area Nurse Safety.



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