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ANMF logoOur Aged Care team is always hard at work representing our members in the sector. Below are a few examples of recent successes for Aged Care members.


  • Identification of underpayment – Longridge Aged Care Personal Care Assistants

ANMF represented Personal Carer members at Longridge Aged Care late last year in the negotiations for their next Enterprise Agreement. During the course of negotiations, it was identified by ANMF that since the new increases in July 2015, Personal Carers were being paid less than the minimum wage required by the Aged Care Award.

As a result of ANMF raising this error with the employer, Personal Carers received approximately 14 weeks of back pay. This underpayment had not been identified previously by the employer or any other unions – another reason why it pays to be a member of the ANMF!

  • Hamley Bridge Memorial Hospital (HBMH) not complying with EBA

Members at Hamley Bridge Memorial Hospital sought advice from the ANMF following the November bushfires at Pinery Flat:

  • A number of staff worked hours over and above their rostered shifts for the day but were only paid overtime after 10 hours, not 8 hours as required by the EBA.
  • Some staff were prevented from attending their rostered shifts due to road closures. These staff were offered assistance with making a claim to the State Government for lost wages or could ask to be paid out of their accrued leave entitlements.

Following ANMF and member advocacy, HBMH management agreed that the interpretation it used to determine the point at which overtime should be paid was incorrect, and that HBMH should have paid members who were unable to attend for their rostered shifts through no fault of their own.

HBMH management also acknowledged that this is how overtime had been calculated for some time so we have sought, and HBMH has agreed, to review all timesheets going back till the start of the last agreement.

These are good outcomes and are a direct result of having an active WSR and members who are able to seek advice and support from their union.

For further information or to raise an workplace issue that the ANMF could assist with, contact the Duty Officer on 8334 1900 or via