ANMF announces campaign for staffing ratios as more facilities exposed for non-compliance

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) is calling on federal politicians to make staffing ratios in aged care law – to protect vulnerable, older Australians.

Meeting in Brisbane today, the ANMF Federal Executive unanimously passed a special resolution stating, “The ANMF will soon be launching a national public awareness campaign calling for ratios in aged care to be made law now.  The voices of this campaign will be six individuals currently in the aged care system, a registered nurse, personal care worker, resident, family member, doctor and community supporter. This public campaign will be about the experiences of real people in the aged care system, and why they say staffing is inadequate and must be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

Acting Federal Secretary, Annie Butler, said the ANMF’s unanimous support for a new national campaign sends a strong message to the country’s politicians, that it’s time to fix aged care for the sake of elderly nursing home residents and their families. Read more

The announcement comes as news surfaces of violence, malnutrition and ­neglect in many Queensland nursing homes, with one in seven failing government inspections in the past year.

ANMF rallied on the steps of Parliament House in South Australia last weekend to lobby all parties ahead of the looming state election to lobby the federal government to introduce laws mandating staffing ratios in aged care.

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2 thoughts on "ANMF announces campaign for staffing ratios as more facilities exposed for non-compliance"

  1. Elin says:

    Hi, just Wonder of any politician has made this part of their campaign in SA?. I haven’t heard any one mention it. I know any one even considering it will get my vote.

    Elin Bartlett

    • ANMFSA says:

      Many politicians in SA will be aware of it as we had 3 news stories from the aged care rally we supported, 4 politicians attended and talked about the need for ratios in aged care.

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