Nurses, doctors and ambulance officers stand together in push for action on hospital overcrowding

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After earlier this week holding a joint media conference addressing the contents of an open letter to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing on chronic overcrowding and ramping at Adelaide hospitals, the ANMF (SA Branch), Ambulance Employees Association (SA) and SA Salaried Medical Officers Association are continuing a united public push for action.

The three unions representing nurses, doctors and ambulance officers have again today issued an open response to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, saying we “remain deeply concerned by the inertia of the health department” in contrast to the Minister’s stated commitments in his response letter on 26 February.

All three organisations are committed to standing together and fighting this ongoing battle on behalf of our respective exhausted workforces and in the name of patient safety.

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One thought on "Nurses, doctors and ambulance officers stand together in push for action on hospital overcrowding"

  1. Sandra says:

    What a great letter to the Minister!! Well done to all using very strong language still couched in respect.

    I was at the Reactivate the Repat launch last Sunday and asked a question of the Minister about where the 400,000 Baby Boomers in this state are to go for rehab when they get their hips and knees done? The answer was that “SA Health has other resources around the state” or some such words – with a head hanging down in shame.

    And then, the gall of Treasurer Rob Lucas saying today that public servants shouldn’t ask for too much of a wage increase because we have lost 480 million dollars in GST revenue. So, let’s stop stupid infrastructure projects then, shall we?

    This government is about healthcare for the rich. The Repat Outpatient Clinics, though admittedly requiring a touch up, worked for over 300,000 people a year and made our community feel safe in receiving the type of healthcare they wanted in the environment where they wanted that care.

    The previous Labor, neo-liberal government (much the same as this one), wasted our taxpayer money on a fantasy that couldn’t cope with the number of people in this state growing older and older. If only they would have listened to us nursing researchers who could have helped them out of this mess!!!!!!!

    I have been teaching the community that we are going to have to look after ourselves (which I’m sure the government will appreciate) until we have a government that supports primary care above hospital care. So, don’t go looking for more taxpayer dollars from me.

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