Health and Safety Representatives

Role of Health and Safety Representative

The role of a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) is important because it provides for the representation of workers on health and safety issues.

The role of a HSR under the Work Health Safety (WHS) Act is comparable to the role of an HSR under the previous legislation.

A HSR has rights under the Act to represent the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare (OHS&W) interests of their co-workers in the workplace. Employers are obliged to consult with HSR about OHS&W policies, any proposed changes to the workplace/work practices which may affect Health and Safety. HSRs have the power to:

  • Investigate complaints about OHS&W
  • Inspect the workplace after giving reasonable notice to the employer (or immediately in the event of an incident involving an immediate risk to health and safety).
  • Accompany a SafeWork SA inspector during an inspection
  • Be present at interviews of workers following an OHS&W incident
  • Require the employer to consult with the Union in relation to OHS&W matters

Health and Safety Representatives are protected under the WHS Act from being discriminated against at the workplace because of their involvement in health and safety.

For information on becoming a HSR, or to register an expression of interest, click here.