Payment Methods

Direct debit
Direct Debits can be processed from a bank, building society or credit union accounts.   Debits can be set up for automatic deductions:

  • Monthly – On the first Thursday of each month
  • Fortnightly – On Friday aligned to your pay day

Credit card
Credit Card transactions from a Visa Card or MasterCard.  Credit Cards can be set up as an automatic debited:

  • Quarterly – On the 1st of each financial quarter
  • Monthly – On the 2nd of each month

Yearly Invoice
Invoices can be paid by:

  1. BPAY
    Contact your participating financial institution to make this payment directly from your cheque, savings or credit card account.
  2. Pay online
    Log in as a member to pay your fees online
  3. Cheque or money order
    Payments should be sent to the ANMF PO Box 861 Regency Park BC SA 5942
  4. Cash
    Cash is only payable in person at ANMF offices at 191 Torrens Road Ridleyton SA 5008
  5. Pay by Phone
    Call the membership department on 8334 1902 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Please read Direct Debit terms and conditions here