Graduate Day

When: Friday 24th August 2018
Where: Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, 191 Torrens Road, Ridleyton
Cost: FREE for members / $20 for non-members
CPD: 6 Hours

Who should attend?

  • Undergraduates and students in the final part of their study
  • Early career nurses and midwives who have missed out on a TPPP
  • Graduates (EN, RN and RM) not able to gain employment


Why attend?

  • To understand the many pathways to professional practice
  • To gain an appreciation of the opportunities for early career nurses and midwives
  • To hear from early career nurses and midwives who have not trodden the TPPP path
  • To learn how to present your best self when applying for TPPP or vacant positions
  • To share and build professional networks


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