Journey Accident Cover

Protecting your income for travel to and from work or study
Workers Compensation laws mean that the drive to and from work is not covered by the employer – so any injury sustained in a journey to or from work is not considered a workplace injury. Unless you have insurance, you may end up without an income.

Both ANMF (SA Branch) financial working category members and student members are covered!

Aggregate limit of liability: $5,000,000

What is covered?
Working category members*:

  • Direct travel between home and work (for the purpose of work) including a deviation to attend an educational institution to undertake study relevant to their occupation, dropping off children at school or childcare and picking them up, or an authorised meal break and within a radius of 5 kilometres from their place of work.

Student members**:

  • Direct travel between the home and their normal educational institute (including any work experience placement) for the purpose of starting and ending tertiary education; and includes a deviation to attend another educational institution or library to undertake study relevant to the insured person’s course or dropping off their children at school or childcare and picking them up.

You’re covered with the ANMF (SA Branch)!
The information above is only a summary of the cover. Please contact the ANMF (SA Branch) for more information.

* Weekly Benefits – Injury (Income Earners): 85% of earnings or $2,000 per week, whichever is the lesser. Capital benefit – up to $100,000. Benefit period varies by age. Maximum age 80 years (inclusive) excess period is 28 days.