International Nurses and Midwives Days

Celebrating YOU!

Midwives Day – 5 May & Nurses Day – 12 May

International Midwives and Nurses Days are celebrated all around the world every year on 5 and 12 May. We would like to thank all our members for the important work they do.

Tell the world why you LOVE your job:

  1. Download your card
    I LOVE being a nurse because…
    I LOVE being a midwife because…
    I LOVE working in aged care because…
  2. Grab a texta and write up your card
  3. Pose with your message
  4. Share your pic on social media using hashtag #wearetheanmf

Let’s show everyone why we love being part of the nursing and midwifery family and create a photo gallery full of comments and smiling faces.