Overcrowding in Hospitals

Overcrowding in our hospitals and emergency departments (EDs) have reached crisis point. Our extremely tired and stressed members continue to report scenarios that are downright dangerous to staff and patients. We have given the Minister some solutions, yet still we are waiting for the government to act.

To seek widespread community support on the issue and apply further pressure to the Government to fix chronic over-crowding at our hospitals, we have launched a public campaign.

To support the messaging in the radio ad, we are equipping our members across metropolitan hospitals and other relevant areas with:

  • printed posters here
  • stickers here for all staff to wear); and
  • postcards here (for staff and patients to complete and send-directly to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing).



We encourage you to share the radio advert and the video version which will be running on facebook among your friends, family and workmates to show your support for your colleagues in emergency departments who have waited more than 18 months for some sort of relief…and are still waiting.


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