ANMF (SA Branch) worksite visits

Welcome to information provided to assist members identify when ANMF (SA Branch) will be visiting your worksite.  Visits by members of our Enrolment Team and Industrial Team are also listed below.  Please note that visits to some smaller worksites may not be included.  All members at worksites to be visited will also receive e-Bulletin notification of the visit.

Please visit this page regularly to view visit updates.

Enrolment Team recent visits to worksites
10 July 2017
ANMF (SA Branch)  attended last orientation at the old RAH and welcomed 25 new staff members. Amongst those staff were the last TPPP to start their graduate year.

Industrial Team planned visits to worksites
Calvary Rehab: 1400 Thursday 13 July
Calvary Wakefield: 1900 Thursday 13 July
Calvary North Adelaide: 1300 Monday 17 July
Calvary Central District: 1500 Monday 17 July