Annual Delegates Conference

ANMF (SA Branch) delegates met at the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) on August 8 to debate a variety of issues of interest and relevance to the nursing and midwifery professions.

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Resolutions on the following topics were passed:

• Implementation and Review of EPAS
• Access to WorkCover entitlements
• Mental Health – Geriatric
• Asylum Seeker Health
• Demand in Emergency Services
• Focus on Primary Health Services
• Reductions in available health services after hours and weekends
• Support for Senior Nurse/Midwife Roles
• Income Protection
• Employment for Graduate Nurses / Midwives
• Graduate Enrolled Nurses
• Aged Care
• Penalty Rates
• Public Health Funding
• Co-Payments
• Privatisation
• Career Structure
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Improved availability of geriatric and mental health services
• Support for rehabilitative services and rehabilitative nursing roles within SA Health
• Bulk Billing
• Permanent contracted nursing/midwifery staff
• Private Sector Award Conditions / Staffing
• Condemnation of the dismantling of the Climate Commission
• Condemnation of the Federal funding cuts to Dental Health Services
• Support for Same Sex Marriage
• Support for Aboriginal reconciliation and recognition in the Australian constitution

Click here to view the resolutions in full

Congratulations to the following award winners:

• Activism in the Public Sector: Keith Bell
• Activism in the Workplace – Private Sector: Carol Heyne, Sue Bennett and Leanne Jones
• Activism in the Aged Care Sector: Annie McKeon
• Rookie Award: Jan Ween
• Occupational Health and Safety Award: Maria Hernandez and Joanne Walker
• Recruitment & Promotions Award: Jennifer Barlow
• Hall of Fame Award: Jan Thompson