Wills and Probate

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for your Will to be drawn up at a private firm. Union Legal SA prices start from just $120 for ANMF (SA Branch) members and immediate family members living with you can also access this service at a highly competitive rate.  

Standard Wills 
Prices start at $120 for a standard single Will and $200 for a standard pair of Wills.

More complex Wills
Reduced prices for our services still apply for eligible members requiring a Will with provisions beyond those covered in a Standard Will. 

We also offer reduced prices for members seeking Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives.

Deceased Estates and Probate
Eligible members and Executors of a Will drafted by Union Legal SA will receive: 
a complimentary initial interview (telephone or face to face) with a Union Legal SA lawyer for up to 30 minutes; and 
$550 worth of professional fees for estate advice or estate administration

View prices and to eligibility criteria

“Union Legal SA is amazing, and I can’t spruik about them enough. As Union Legal SA is an ANMF (SA Branch) service, I felt extremely comfortable that I wasn’t going to be ripped off, had complete trust in the team and found the whole process much more cost-effective than having to deal with a private law firm.” Louise, Registered Nurse