Catch our COVID updates


14 January  2022

The ANMF (SA Branch) website has a raft of information about COVID-related issues including PPE and personal safety, your work rights and responsibilities.

We have resources and frequently asked questions about COVID vaccination updates, aged care and private and public sector workers.

We at the ANMF (SA Branch) have stressed our concerns publicly about the dangers of exhausted, overworked nurses not even being able to take a drink break during the current COVID onslaught.

“That is a serious concern because if you are wearing personal protective equipment all the time you have no opportunity to even have a sip of water,’’ ANMF (SA Branch) CEO/Secretary Adj Associate Professor Elizabeth
Dabars AM told ABC-TV news.

That revelation prompted Premier Marshall to respond: “It’s very concerning to hear that health workers wouldn’t have time to or the ability to take their PPE off to have a drink. I’m very happy to follow that up. I haven’t
heard that previously.’’

For more information about COVID health and safety and frequently asked questions download our FAQ document here .

For further information go to the Department of Health website here.