Urge your MP to save Christmas


4 November 2021

Christmas Day this year falls on a Saturday, however, the Marshall Government has not declared the day itself a public holiday. South Australia alone has taken this stance: the Scrooge amongst the other 7 states and territories.

This means public sector nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing who are working on Christmas Day will only receive their normal Saturday rates – or 150% of ordinary time (175% for casuals) - and not Christmas Day penalty rates. The Monday public holiday will be paid at the public holiday rate of 250% (175% for casuals).
The ANMF (SA Branch) is working in solidarity with other unions who have members working on Christmas Day to campaign to make Christmas Day a public holiday as well as the following Monday. 
Last week the Legislative Council (the State Parliament’s Upper House) voted to make Christmas Day a Public Holiday in addition to the substitute Monday. This means that the House of Assembly will vote on this on 17 November 2021.
State MPs, and critically independent members of the House of Assembly
the Member for Mt Gambier Troy Bell, 
the Member for Kavel and Parliamentary Speaker Dan Cregan,
the Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis, and 
the Member for Waite Sam Duluk 
will all play a critical role in determining whether or not the Bill becomes law.
Members Bell, Duluk and Ellis voted against the Bill proceeding to debate last week in the House of Assembly and we need them and Dan Cregan onside and to vote in favour of making sure nurses, midwives and many other frontline workers are paid properly for sacrificing their time away from their family on this special day. 
To make sure our public sector members are properly compensated for giving up family time at Christmas, we are urging all members to send an urgent email to these four MPs via the links provided below, expressing your support for the Bill to become law.

Otherwise, our members face a bleak and less rewarded Christmas Day.
Urge Member for Mt Gambier Troy Bell

Urge Member for Kavel and Parliamentary Speaker Dan Cregan

Urge Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis

Urge Member for Waite Sam Duluk