Safety win for Noarlunga Hospital

3 May 2021

Following issues with multiple violent patients at Noarlunga Hospital, the ANMF (SA Branch) has been able to secure a commitment from SALHN to provide two guards as clinically required (at least one of which will be restraint trained).

ANMF Officers visited Noarlunga Hospital on Thursday, April 29, under section 117 and 120 of the Work Health Safety (WHS) Act 2012.

Whilst on site several WHS issues had been identified and been reported to SafeWork SA and SALHN management in a meeting held on Friday.

ANMF officers continue to work with members to find the best solution to assist both staff and patients alike and maintain a safe working environment where violence does not have to be a factor.

A written report will be submitted to SafeWork SA on the investigation that was undertaken. Certain assurances for members’ health and wellbeing have been sought and as such restraint-trained guards will be on the ward until further discussions occur or there is a change in the patient cohort.

We take this opportunity to thank Noarlunga Hospital members as it was through information received from committed members that alerted us to the violence you were all exposed to.

We encourage all members who are affected by aggression and\or violence in the workplace to:


If these concerns remain unresolved, or an adequate response is not received, contact please contact ANMF (SA Branch) Officer Samantha Wilson on