Putting the training to the test 

29 July 2020

Article from July 2020 INPractice

Why we are the training provider of the year.

When it comes to his nurse training Tom Will wouldn’t  recommend anywhere else other than the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Education Centre (ANMEC).

“It’s actually the only place I’d recommend just because I had such a good time there,’’ Tom, an Enrolled Nurse at the Kennedy Phillip Centre in Largs Bay, says.

“I’ve heard some things about other places not being as thorough. It makes sense to go to a nurses’ union and a training centre in the same place.’’

A service of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) and housed within the ANMF building on Torrens Rd, Ridleyton, ANMEC, South Australia’s reigning Training Provider of the Year, offers a range of high-quality education programs.

Tom and his  Mum Carmen

Most of the education and training is delivered at the purpose-built facility, which has on-site parking and provides students with the latest in clinical-training facilities and technology.

ANMEC complements the training with online learning and assessment which supports the classroom theory and clinical-skills laboratory practice. It also ensures appropriate and supported workplace learning. For employers, ANMEC offers the convenience of on-site workforce training and professional development.

“I did enjoy being there,’’ says Tom, who studied a Diploma in Nursing in 2014/2015.

“We had a really good cohort of students and then the teachers certainly topped it off as well. Even the teachers mentioned that our group was pretty cohesive and everyone was pretty friendly, so that  helped a lot too.’’

His fondest memories?

“I’d say it was the teachers actually. Every one of them was very passionate about what they did. They seemed to have the time for us, a couple of people were struggling at times and they certainly didn’t feel left behind. The supportive nature of the course was great.’’

Every one of the ANMEC educators and co-ordinators is an Aphra-registered nurse who has undertaken further education. Staff there have expertise in a vast range of fields, including Acute Care Cardiac Nursing, Midwifery, Family Planning, Dementia Care, Teaching Qualifications, Emergency Mental Health Care, Aged Care and Acute Care - HDU/ICU Emergency. Courses include Certificate III and IV level, Advanced Diploma level and Honours.

“I’ve integrated a lot of what I’ve learnt into my practice as the years have gone on but the course was definitely important for me to do before I started my role,’’ says Tom, 30, whose mother, Carmen, is a retired midwife.

“It’s just good to be in the service of  others that need it at the time. I was working in aged care before I did my nursing and I think that gave me an appreciation for helping people and being able to do it as a job.

“We had a patient who came to us who hadn’t been able to get out of bed for about three months and by the time they’d left the facility they walked out. They came back to the community rehab section and exercised there, so to see someone go from such a weak state to having some normality back in their life was quite rewarding, to be part of the team that got that person there.

“It’s a team effort. The people who we treat we aim to get them home and that certainly doesn’t happen on the back of one person.’’

Diploma of Nursing.
The Diploma of Nursing reflects the role of an Enrolled Nurse working under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. This qualification covers the application of skills and knowledge required to provide nursing care for people across the health sector.

Based directly on industry needs, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to competently and professionally undertake your role within a variety of health care settings.

The Diploma of Nursing course is 18 months in class and 12 weeks in placement. Course cost is $9,015 for WorkReady subsidised students and $19,500 for full course costs. VET Students Loans are available.

The course starts Sep 9 and October 29.
ANMEC also offers Advanced Diploma in Nursing courses.

ANMEC can provide you with the skills and knowledge required through flexible delivery options.

Interested persons can contact ANMEC at: training@anmfsa.org.au

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