Meet our virtual winners

2 October 2020

Five lucky folks have won tickets to the ANMF (SA Branch) Annual Professional Conference.

The competition was open to members who have been working for less than five years, the winners being – drum roll please - Ashleigh Draffen, Karen Metcalf, Manju Khadka, Rachel Pantelios and one other who wishes to remain anonymous.

The applicants were simply asked to tell us why they love being an ANMF (SA Branch) member. “Information keeps you up to date about the world of nursing and knowing there is support for you if you ever need it,” says Manju, a Registered Nurse with the Flinders Medical Centre.

“I am excited to hear from such a distinguished panel of medical experts and I hope their insights will help me to grow professionally.’’
The five will now be glued to their computer screens as the COVID-19 pandemic has officially transformed the ANMF (SA Branch) Annual Professional Conference into a digital event.

The one-day online conference will take place on Thursday, 15 October 2020. You can view it as it is streamed on the day or at your leisure over a 12-month period. It’s as simple as flipping open a laptop, be it from the comfort of your home or from the corner cafe.

Tickets to the Annual Professional Conference are offered at a fraction of the normal cost, giving subscribers a ‘virtual’ window to a plethora of high-profile medical experts as they regale us with their acumen, wit, wisdom and a wealth of insightful anecdotes.

Among the stellar speaking guests; social justice advocate Dr John Falzon will be championing equality and health, nursing professors Alison Kitson and Mary Chiarella will talk fundamentals and evolution of care, while Dr Roger Hunt will give us a palliative perspective.

Tickets are only $60 for ANMF (SA Branch) members and $120 for non-members.

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