It's time to commit to stand together in taking strong, decisive and safe industrial action

21 January 2020

We are now at a critical juncture in the campaign for a new fair enterprise agreement for nurses and midwives across the public sector.
Given that the bargaining position of the SA Government representatives are unchanged, we need to ensure that you and your fellow members remain committed to the implementation of industrial action in support of your claims.
If you would like a recap of your Employer's offer and the ANMF's position please review the Scorecard and read our December update.

It is a reality that without your direct action, you are unable to influence the position of your Employer.
They remain locked into their position, despite the very strong arguments mounted in support of your claims, and objecting to the negative cuts proposed by your employer, in areas such as the length of the night shift.
That position includes a refusal to make any offer on wage increases without your acceptance of the cost offsets they have proposed, and that you have rejected.
In the commitment survey circulated we have very deliberately and starkly made clear the fundamental choice facing you.
If members are not prepared to take strong and determined action, we will have reduced capacity to deliver an agreement that you need, and that you deserve.

If you are not prepared to take action then you are confronted with the reality of the alternative: that the Government's unacceptable offer will ultimately need to gain acceptance in some form.
Some members have raised concerns about feeling confronted by the survey. We understand that we are raising difficult issues and asking members to make choices that cause some pain.
But the decision, and the preparedness to take action, is completely in your hands.
However, we would be failing to advise you properly if we did not make you fully aware that without a strong commitment from members, we will have diminished strength to negotiate on your behalf.
We are calling on members to commit to stand together in taking strong, decisive and safe industrial action.
You may recall receiving an email last week inviting you to complete a short survey seeking your level of commitment to recommence industrial action. Thank you to those who have already taken the time to fill this in, if you haven’t you still have time to do so.

Reminder: You will need your member number to complete this survey. Your member number can be located at the top of our emails to you.
The ANMF is currently awaiting confirmation from the SA Government on when the negotiations will recommence. We have, at all times, indicated our willingness and desire for bargaining to progress, however your Employer has refused to provide any update on when they will be in a position to return to the bargaining table.
We will continue to keep you updated as the campaign progresses.